International Moving Company

If you are planning an international move between the US and Canada, United can assist you in finding the appropriate licensed international moving company who can arrange to ship your household goods to your new home. It is important to hire a international moving companycompany who has experience with shipping household goods across the border and will arrange to have all of the appropriate paperwork available for Customs to inspect when you're shipment of household goods transit's Customs. In addition an international moving company can also makes arrangements for shipment of household items to other countries around the world utilizing an international broker. They will arrange to provide all of the appropriate forms that will be required for your international moving company to complete the shipment and delivery.

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International Moving Company -- Rights and Responsibilities

Nationwide Movers has included a detailed page on our web site that will provide you with a great deal of information concerning your rights and responsibilities as well as the rights and responsibilities of the mover that you hire with regard to tariff inspection, incorporation notice, and many other aspects of regional, national, and international moves. All reputable moving companies including an international moving company will adhere to these rules and conditions however you will need to ensure that all of these items are included in any contract that you might sign. We highly recommend that you read the full contract and be comfortable with all of the items that have been included.

International Moving Company -- Bill of Lading

The Bill of lading is a document that describes the contents of the shipment that any trucking company is carrying on their truck. A moving company or an international moving company is no different. They will require to have the Bill of lading which describes your household goods and they will require that you sign the Bill of lading indicating that these goods are yours and that they have been loaded on the truck for shipment. Customers are reminded that they should confirm all items have been placed on the truck and that they are responsible for the contents of all boxes that are being shipped by your international moving company. It is definitely worthwhile to take the time to read the rights and responsibilities on our web site as well as those rights and responsibilities you will be included with your contract.

Connecting you to quality moving companies across the US & Canada using our user friendly FREE QUOTE system.

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