Local Moving Companies

There are often many local moving companies in your area, but how do you go about choosing one of these local moving companies? Do you based the decision on price alone or should there be other areas that a local moving companiesconsumer should consider when they consider which local moving company to hire to help them with their move. The first step is to actually ask for quotes from several companies. Always make sure that when you request a quote that you keep the parameters the same. This way it will be much easier to compare them. So, for the move, parameters such as the destination, boxes included, packing, delivery and timeframes should be part of the equation. There are other areas to include as well. When you request your quote, you can even list the items that you want them to respond to.

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Local Moving Companies – Request for a Quote

The following is a partial list that you can use as a checklist for your assessment of which local moving companies you may want to hire for your move. It is partial since you may also have personal requirements that you will add into the request.

  • Timeframe for the move
  • Destination
  • Packing
  • Warranty and claims for damaged goods
  • Sufficient liability coverage to protect your belongings
  • Clean trucks and reputable personnel
  • Storage conditions if required – clean and dry and protected
  • Visit the movers office – a lot can be learned by visiting the office viewing the trucks
  • Price for the move
  • References from other people you trust who have used the local moving company
  • Other special services that you may require

Local Moving Companies – Compare Companies

Once you have all of your information regarding all of the local moving companies, you will need to make your decision and sign a contract. You should use the above criteria and some of your own to make your decision after you have compared them and assigned a winner based on the comparison. Some people will assign weights to each item and a score to each area to assist in making a decision about which of the local moving companies that they will use. Finally , read the contract thoroughly to ensure that everything you requested is included and nothing has changed from the quote that you received.

Connecting you to quality moving companies across the US & Canada using our user friendly FREE QUOTE system.

Following this organized approach will often assist in making sure that you have a successful move. Our web site can help you find the local moving companies that are available in your area to contact and begin the process of finding the best local moving company for your move.


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