Choosing A Mover

Licensed: Be sure the mover is licensed with the Us D.O.T . Their license supposed to be shown on all documentation and advertising. Call the D.O.T check license status. Never move with a mover whose license is non-existent, revoked, or suspended.

Estimate: Try to make moving arrangements well in advance of moving day. If you have more than a couple of rooms of furniture to move, call two or more movers for written estimates. Yes, you want to evaluate rates/prices, but you also want to evaluate the company through their representative to be sure they are qualified to move you.

Find prospective movers in your area by contacting personal referrals, real estate brokers, the yellow pages and trusted web directories. Be wary of companies advertising in certain local newspapers and /or handbills talking "cheap" price. Check to make sure they are licensed and carry required insurance coverage. If they break or lose something, you want it fixed or replaced to the limits of their liability.

Carrier/Mover Liability: Make sure the mover explains their basic liability and transit protection options. Be sure to ask questions.

Price/Rates: While always a factor in buying anything, do not select a mover on price alone. Trained personnel, clean, safe moving vans, and insurance protection cost money.

Remember: This company is sending movers into your residence to handle and move your personal possessions. The lowest price, especially if it is far below the average price of other movers, may be a red flag. Be careful ! Don't move priceless heirlooms on the cheap !

Storage: If you require storage space for your household effects for a short period of time prior to moving to a new residence, your mover can assist you. Storage rates are subject to change based on location. Some self storage companies offer storage and require you to load/unload your own vaults. However, be sure to check the monthly vault storage rates with those of a conventional household goods storage warehouse. Conventional storage facilities pricing is often far more reasonable. The possessions are stored in the same manner as self storage vaults and your belongings can be accessed by yourself in the same manner as self storage.

Evaluate Service Presentations: Listen and evaluate the mover's presentation of services and price. Usually an individual presentation stands out in clarity, and your questions and concerns are professionally answered to your satisfaction.

Visit the Mover : Drive by, stop in the office and buy a box. Make sure the mover has a business. See the trucks at the business site. Look around to make sure these are the kind of people you wish to invite into your residence to handle/move your personal possessions. Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved
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