Moving Quotes

Consumers should always obtain several moving quotes for their moves to allow them to compare prices and services that will be provided by the movers. Most people would recommend at moving quotesleast three quotes so that you can really do a valid comparison. Once you have received your moving quotes, you can compare them to see which one you feel will provide you with the best service at the best price. Many times, consumers will not choose the lowest quote simply because the services are considered much better from a higher priced mover. For example, liability and transportation insurance are a key item to look for when you are considering a moving company. You will always want to make sure that should the truck that your belongings are on have an accident; you will be covered for your loss!

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Moving Quotes – Process to Obtain a Quote

If you have never requested a quote before and most of us have not, then you will want to develop a consistent process to use when you request your moving quotes. The first rule is to always be consistent in your requirements. This allows you to complete a valid comparison of each companies moving quotes and make a decision on each criteria who has the better moving quote. Secondly, list the specific areas that you want them to respond to in your request for a moving quote. Obviously timing and destination are key ones, but so are packing, damages to your goods during packing and transit, liability coverage, bonding, clean trucks and personnel etc. You may also want to request references so that you can actually call and confirm with their clients regarding their services.

Moving Quotes – Verify Every Box

Before the truck can leave your home, you will be asked to sign a bill of lading. This certificate proves to an inspector that you are responsible for the contents of the boxes and that they belong to you. Make sure that every box is labeled with the room it came from and even the contents if you do not plan to unpack them when you arrive at your home. This will give you the opportunity to only unpack the boxes you need without having to search through them all to find the right one you want.

Connecting you to quality moving companies across the US & Canada using our user friendly FREE QUOTE system.

A last step in assessing your moving quotes is to visit the mover’s office and also inspect the truck as part of the last thing you do before making a decision. You can tell a lot about a company when you visit their office and view the trucks. A clean well organized office and clean well maintained trucks are an indication that the mover takes pride in their work and will do an excellent job for you. Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved
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