Planning A Move

Finding a home can be a long and tie ring experience, so the last thing you want to worry about after you've found your home is moving.

The best way to avoid a lot of haste and stress when moving day comes is to be well prepared. It's never to early to start planning your move.

You should start selecting a mover as soon as possible. Get estimates from at least three licensed moving companies in the area. Have them write up an estimate and come to your house to inspect all of your items. That way there will be no surprise costs come moving day. If a company drastically underbids all of the others, make sure they are experienced and reputable. Remember, you will be trusting this company with your personal belongings.

To save some money in the move, sell or donate all the items you don't want to move before you have moving companies give you an estimate.

Make sure you know the condition of all of your things before the movers arrive to pack. Take time to inspect all of your items and make a list of any damage to them. Give a copy of the list to the movers when they are packing.

The movers will keep a list of what items are in what boxes. Get a copy of that list, and make your own list of what boxes and items will go in what rooms. Planning this will make moving into your new home much easier.

Another tip is to measure all doorways and entrances in the house to make sure you can fit all of your items in. Do this before you move to make sure you don't move a piece of furniture that can't fit in the house.

Before you move any of your belongings in, take a final walk-through and make sure there is no damage to the house. Also, make sure all painting and repairs are done before you move in.

Call utility companies at least two weeks before you move in. Make sure electricity, gas, water and phone services are in your name and turned on. Set up times for cable and internet hook-ups too. If you get a good-credit letter from your utility company, you can avoid putting a deposit down in your new home. Just ask your current utility company to notify your new company of your good credit status.

Get a change of address package at the post office. You can tell them the date you want it to start, so it's never to early to drop it off.

Make sure you set a side enough clothes and toiletries to last you until the movers arrive. Pack essentials for an extra couple of days, just in case you can't find the box your looking for. Other useful items to pack are towels, blankets, batteries, paper plates and utensils.

Change the locks to your new home when you finally get moved into your house. This isn't absolutely necessary, but it does give the house a more secure feeling.

Finally, remember to keep all of your moving receipts. If your employer has given you a moving stipend and you move more than 50 miles from your old home, all of your moving expenses are tax deductible. Copyright ©2002 All Rights Reserved
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